Winter is coming, so the shopping list should have a boots on front. At first glance it seems simple to choose, for male models are not so demanding. But nothing is simple in this world, especially when you have so many options available given the most popular brands.

It is true , as I’ve said above that there are a lot of shoes brands for you to choose but you must know eventually what exactly you want from your winter boots. When someone is buying winter boots, he has to look after sseveral things :
– how the winter boots look like
– where they will be worn
– what material are they made off
– weather conditions in which they will be worn (this aspect will be detailed in the end of this article)

mens winter shoe 2015-2016

winter boots for men 2015-2016

winter shoes for gents 2015-2016

winter best shoe for men 2015-2016

This winter are very fashionable water proof boots which are a type of shoes very practical , actually ideal for this time of year.

If you want a casual outfit very warm you can choose men’s winter boots that’s clear. Choice you will make is best to be as good for you’ll need to keep a long time.
Depending on the weather and the type of activity that you should keep in mind:

*For dry winter conditions recommended models leather boots / leather buffo / nubuk leather or combinations of leather and technical fabric, preferably lined with leather / natural lining, especially for temperatures do not fall below zero when remain shod for a long time in various institutions.
In very cold dry winter conditions and models can wear boots with special fabrics such as Sympatex, Gritex, Spo-Tex, You Por and even synthetic fur, found in models of boots usually lighter and more economical.
*For condition of humidity , rainfall , we recommend leather boots hydrophobic / specially treated to prevent / hinder water penetration inside and lined with special technical fabrics with a high degree of impermeability as: Sympatex, Gritex, Spo-Tex, you por, etc. It is worth mentioning that for enhancing waterproof boots are recommended application of a coating solution / wax / special cream for waterproofing and maintenance for both leather shoes and for the fabric or combination of fabrics with hydrophobic skin.
*For extreme cases of moisture, such as climbing on glaciers, long-term work in conditions of sleet or wet conditions like extreme sports fishing, leather boots do not recommend or combined with technical fabrics, there are special products for these activities such as special plastic ice boots, long rubber boots fishing.

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