Winter Office Attire 2019

Winter is a true challenge for any fashion addict woman, even more if she is working within a company that has a specific dress code.
Because it is very cold, during the winter it is recommended a multi-layer outfit, which is not very easy to achieve in the cold season.
Obviously, the handiest solution is a two pieces suit made of a thick fabric. It has to fulfill two important aspects: to be thick enough in order to protect you from cold but it should also look good on you. Of course, your entire outfit should fit your company’s dress code. Here you should have in mind the length of the skirt, the shoes’ model and colors of course.
Equally recommended during the winter, if you want to avoid wearing suits, you can easily wear a pair of trousers, a shirt and a blazer. Or instead of a blazer, you also can wear a cardigan for example.

business suit 2015-2016

winter business suit 2015-2016

womens business suit 2015-2016

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