Basically men’s fashion was not always very bright but rather boring. Winter of 2013 seems to break patterns that were used and comes with a very bright trend in terms of fashion for men.

Fitted suits, tons of hats and caps, a lot of colors, and a look to the 60’s combined with modernism today. A pair of jeans and a checkered jacket trend here is a proper picture of this winter.

Like the ladies they occupy a very important accessory, as I said above is when men should leave the dull colors aside and head to the colors more vivid. This is true and accessories. So vivid neckties, scarves in great colors (light brown, dark orange), all of which are now in trend. Temporarily give the black scarves in favor of the squares for example.

Leather goods such as jackets, gloves are terribly fashionable, so do not avoid them. Dark brown or orange figure very well, avoid, i repeat, black.

It is the trend to dress casual but tastefully. An interesting colored casual jacket with a pair of blue jeans looks great.

But if you’re a elegant guy always wearing a suit then hold coat is excellent but necessarily be very long and will blend with your suit ok. Speaking of costumes, suits took a very important role on this season, Hardly trying to suggest a new very stylish young man.

A great fashion designer said never to underestimate the power of a simple shirt. So even though it’s winter, a simple T-shirt can always sit well with you. Choose a color (but not black) and is very fine, can be worn under the jacket or a sweater or.
As for shoes, boots are still very fashionable, do not bypass on the contrary.

Finally these shoes are very important for your outfit, as important as such accessories.
Course be remembered that it is winter and the priority is to guard against the cold, so this is one of the criteria they follow to a pair of shoes. There are a variety of boots, the metal insertion is in vogue.

If you don’t prefer the style when rock style are trendy and classic boots with thick soles but I really need to pick some in one color.
I spoke above about stylish clothes and we recommend wearing those long if you go over office.

For situations when you have to go dressed casual, the tendency is to give up almost completely in color sobre.Asadar talk about leather jackets, leather is very trendy jackets emphasize what they wear body man.

Checkered jackets are very fashionable and can be associated with a shirt or a shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

Mens fashion does not need to be a headache for anybody important to understand trends and how to combine them.

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