Winter Colors for Clothes in 2013-2014

The present article will discuss the winter colors for 2013-2014 speaking about our clothes which has to be warm but classy. So, let’s see what colors we should use.

The recommended colors by the specialists are dark blue and emerald green. Well, well, they aren’t pretty bad colors; let’s see if the streets will validate them.

What’s important it’s to have a comfortable outfit, to wear the colors which represent you best. Don’t think that it is winter; this season should not stop you from wearing your favorite colors.

Designers are tempting us with the following combination: bright green and straw yellow, it’s a kind of mustard color.

I personally recommend warm colors as they are so optimistic. I’m thinking about a yellow shade for example… the shoes and the bag has to be black if you choose this color. I also think about brick-red, but wearing this color you’ll have to choose some velvet fabrics or natural leather.

As I’ve said before, it doesn’t matter what you’ll choose, you really have to have your own style no matter what I’ll recommend you or anyone else, just be true to yourself and show your own personality.

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