Coats and winter clothes for pregnant women should take into account several important factors to ensure thermal comfort, but also to maintain optimal health during the gloomy period of the year. Here are the criteria for choosing the winter coat when you are pregnant and why you need to consider completing the wardrobe with coats for the cold season!
When you are pregnant and you have to choose winter clothes you have to take into account several factors – whether to be worn outside or in the house, how warm are the spaces you frequent, etc. Certainly, you have to look at the thick clothing areas – sweaters, thick cotton dresses, tights, blazers, thick pants, gloves, scarves, hats etc.

Keep in mind that if you go somewhere and have to travel a lot outside, but then stay in a heated room, you have to dress so that it is not cold outside, nor can you get hot when you reach your destination. Multi-layered clothing is the most effective and easy-to-use solution to ensure your comfort when you have to go from hot to cold.

Wearing thin blues on the skin and then putting a thick cardigan with buttons under the jacket helps keep your body’s thermal comfort when you go outside. When you reach your destination, if it’s very hot, you can put your waistcoat down and stay in the slim blip, thus keeping the body’s thermal comfort.

Take care to wear your tights over your tights or under your pants and never leave the house without the complete set of hat, scarf, gloves. Do not forget that the sensation of cold starts from the extremities of the body!
If winter catches you in the first or second trimester of pregnancy you can still wear your old winter clothes, especially if you do not just follow the line of the body. But if you are in the third quarter, there is no doubt: you have to go buy a special one for pregnant women.

Why do we advise you to keep in mind – be long enough to cover your back and stomachs well, to be warm, to be light and comfortable to wear. And as versatile as possible – it’s unlikely to take a coat for your walk in the office, one for park walks and one for your mountain vacation, just like you did before pregnancy.

The good part is that today can find a wide range of pregnant clothes of the best quality, in bright colors and pleasant prints, so that a future mum can make a comfortable and modern wardrobe. Since pregnancy is no longer made of two stitches, it has sophisticated cuts and lines. And it is no longer the case that pregnant women have limited clothing choices only to blazers, blouses and wide dresses. On the contrary, the mothers display their belly proud and have a wide range of outfits to do so.

Momo Maternity “Nori” Down Parka Coat
winter coat for pregnant 2017-2018

Well, let’s face it, this coat is looking nice despite of the fact that it is actually very simple, and, yes, many times, simple is better.

Zerlar Solid Thicken Cloths for Pregnant Women Winter Outerwear Maternity Coat
versatile winter coat 2017

Windproof but in the same time very fashionable, super warm, and very chic, this is a very interesting choice, that is for sure.

Unko Women Fashion Winter Pregnant Woman Mid-length Down Coat

winter coat for pregnant women 2017-2018

With a very fine price-quality ratio, that is a wonderful choice in our opinion.

Generic Women Casual Winter Mid-length Pregnant Woman Down Coat
winter jacket for pregnant ladies 2017

Super warm and super light, and versatile enough to be taken into consideration in almost any occasion, that is a great coat.

Valuker Women’s Down Coat With Fur Hood With 90% Down Parka Puffer Jacket

winter coat for pregnant ladies 2017

This is a ultra soft, good quality parka puffer jacket, which is stylish, beautiful and very warm. A fine choice for any pregnant women in winter.

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