We should say that a good coat in your wardrobe is very important. That’s where you need to put a little bit more of your budget because it should last you a while, and it should really keep you warm. If you possibly can afford it, go for a natural fabric. Well, yes, that’s the ideal way of course. Taking into consideration that it is a piece which should be kept for many years, it is better to be a solid investment.

Good options are a duvet coat, or puffer coat. It has gained popularity over the last few seasons. The French call it a dudu, and they were wearing those a lot when I was over there recently. It really is a good work horse, because it keeps you very warm. If you are a traveler, you can get one that you can pack away in just a little bag. They are really, really good to have.

It is very important to wear something that you love it and also that is close to your style, but in my opinion the most important is to feel comfortable. This last quality it is probably crucial because in the end you should feel good wearing it, you should be able to protect from wind and cold and to to bother you in any way.

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