Winter Boots for Ladies 2020

Dear and beloved ladies winter has come. It is really not exactly the most desirable season, but you have to deal with it successfully.
And because fashion is our passion we need to honor the cold season with stylish fashionable and warmly wardrobe.
The first thing I can think of when winter comes are boots. Diversity patterns of shoes and boots this season is amazing and once you step into a shop, you are seized by the feminine detail of bright colors, comfortable materials and elegant heels. But before you rush to buy the first model winks you better inform yourself so as to make a good investment.

In my opinion you must be careful when choosing a pair of winter boots, and when I say that I mean to be on fashion, and to fit you very well, otherwise you will suffer from cold.
In this respect, here are some tips to help you orient yourself to a pair of boots, shoes or boots to suit not only your taste but also your feet:

If you have thin ankles – Choose any shoes that involves flexibility around ankles – buckles, lace, stretch – so to highlight their flexibility. You can highlight the beautiful curve of the legs and boots or boots in strong colors or dimensional details. Try to wear with skirts and dresses close to the body.

If you have thick ankles – trying to line exceeding ankle boots, or boots that are cut in V on the ankle to give the impression of a thinner ankles. High boots should be in a straight line so that no mold on the ankle and to highlight thickness.

If you have short legs – Choose shoes with heels as tall clump for comfort. And wedges is advantageous but comfortable. Avoid over-the-knee boots for that, as I said do not favor at all in this case.

If you have long legs – then you are lucky … Seriously, in this case your job is quite easy. Because you can very good to wearing heels higher or lower or try variant comfortable boots without heels at all. Or if you want to be very “hot” in a cold winter day you can try over the knee boots.

Whatever model you choose, try to make you happy in your skin and protect it from the cold.Good Luck!

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