Because they can have diamonds which are girls best friends. Just kidding! Actually, right after earrings, bracelets are my favorite jewelery  because you could wear them in three different place: at wrist, at ankle (anklet) or at upper shoulder (armlet).

The oldest bracelet was found in Siberia and was stated with carbon technology to have around 40000 years old so we can say the passion for jewelry is really , really old! Well , I must be fair and admit that bracelets had at first a more spiritual role than an aesthetic one since they were worn for luck , as protection from the evil eye and so on, depending on their color, shape or the materials used.

There is a large variety of bracelets for everyone’s tastes: made from metal, leather, cloth, plastic, with ornaments like gems, shells, pearls, plastic hoops, crystals and so on.

It’s fun that you can individualize them to reveal your own personality by hanging different pendants on them and you can even match them with your partner’s accessories like their watches or cufflinks when you are going to a wedding for example.

When you wear a bracelet, like any other jewelry, you have to have in mind the following:

– where are you going to wear it, what’s the occasion
– the time of the day, if it’s morning or evening
– what will you wear : – dress , pants, skirts
– casual, office, elegant
– fabrics: cotton, silk, leather
– colors: warm or cold ones, uni or multicolored
– patters : with or without floral, stripes
– your constitution: tall or short, thin or not
– your age and character

Here are 10 tips when it comes to bracelets:

1. If your outfit is in one color or two, some multicolored bracelets will cheer him up, while the opposite , if your outfit is full of colors and patterns , your bracelet has to be simple and discreet.

2. Bracelets are to be worn on your right hand, especially if you are wearing a watch on your left hand. Personally, if I’m not wearing a watch I prefer them on my left wrist since they don’t bother me while writing especially when I’m wearing a bigger one.I once almost ruined a document when I was signing it with a big pearled bracelet worn at my right hand, so… in the end I believe we can force fashion rules to suit our interests now and then.

3. Even if now almost everything is allowed when comes to fashion, the free spirit, imagination and your own creativity is encouraged, I recommend not to mix yellow gold with silver. I mean, if you have a yellow gold bracelet, avoid having at the same hand at least some silver rings…

4. I believe in matching, no matter if we are talking about jewelry, clothes or even… boyfriends so I really think matching the shape, color, and material of your bracelet with the rest of your jewelry and clothes is the key of a perfect outfit or… relationship to continue our joke.

5. It’s best to wear flat bracelets with sleeve less tops or with tops which have very short , next to not at all sleeves.

6. If your bracelet has lots of rocks on it, you will have to wear it close to your skin, without hanging.

7. When it comes to bracelets from thick materials which are standing away from your wrist, like circles, you can wear them even more than one with flared sleeves tops or only one with a top with next to skin sleeves.

8. If you have short hands don’t wear heavy bracelets, but if you have slim, long hands, then you are perfect to wear even more than one bracelet as long as they are small and delicate.

9. Wear thin bracelets with an easy blouse with flared sleeves, but thicker ones with close to skin blouses.

10. If you want to wear anklets make sure you match them with the right outfit: long and easy skirts or dresses and shoes or sandals without heels, flats are perfect in this situation.

Because I think we covered until now two of the five conditions listed at the beginning
when we decide what bracelet should we wear : what clothes are we wearing and our constitution, let’s have a look at the other three.

Day jewelry are simpler and more discreet that the evening ones which should be more complexer, luxurious, made from richer materials and with bigger gems or ornaments.

Of course, when going to a special occasion you will use a bracelet with pearls or precious stones, but if your destination is the local market for some shopping you will adopt the casual way and wear a not very precious bracelet but one with funny shapes and colors made from wood or even plastic, whatever crazy idea you might have.

On the other hand, when it comes about going to work… you have to choose a sober one, with classic shape and colors, made of silver or gold, well the style has to be somewhere in between diamonds and plastic, anyway.

About the age… what can I say? You might be 40’s but feel like you are 20 years, good for you , but there are some social limits which you can’t cross no matter how wrong or right it might be, so you’d better leave the plastic and multicolored or crazy shaped bracelets for them and wear elegant and sophisticated ones which look perfect on your age. After all, your character it’s all that matter , right?

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