The shirt began its journey as strictly masculine piece of clothing. But today is really very chic to wear boyfriend shirt. Till the boyfriend shirt , there is now specially made for the ladies.

At one point in history, and women began to wear as underwear. It is suspected, however, that this type of shirt that women used to wear the tunic had developed specific Roman period.

The custom of wearing the shirt as underwear was kept until the early sixteenth century for men, since the shirt began to be considered freestanding piece of clothing. Moreover, it came to be embroidered or colored heads to the end of the century.

Women began to wear shirts as clothing items at 1860. Till late nineteenth century, most women in Europe and America held in their wardrobe a shirt, but it looked more like a shirt ie voluminous than that we know today.

The shirt is undeniably a very chic piece outfit but us out of trouble many times because of his extraordinary versatility.

A white shirt always welcome in your closet that will make you feel chic and trendy, she managed to be also very comfortable.

Did you know that?
In the Renaissance there are objections to change weekly underwear and shirt absorb secretions task of the body, often washed only every few months.

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