As a mature woman, you should be careful with your accessories especially not to overcrowd your look. Lots of accessories look good more on teenagers than on you, don’t you think? Once with advancing in age, you should quit little by little at statement jewellery, accessories in many bright colors, everything that will pop up the wrong kind of attention to you. Girlie accessories won’t make you look younger; on the contrary, they will make you actually look older.
Anyway, let’s see the best summer accessories for mature women:
1. Sunglasses – they are perfect for summer days when the sun light is most harmful for your eyes. Choose a classy pair without sparkling stones applied or crazy shapes, OK?

2. Sun hats – just like sunglasses, they are highly indicated for summer days. Not only they will protect you from the sun, they will also make you look chic because sun hats fit you just fine.

3. Beach bags – extremely handy, beach bags are of great use when you’re having a walk as you can carry a lot of things in them

4. Watches – they are always useful and also can become a nice accessory which can complete your outfit just fine

5. Earrings – the eternal feminine symbol, earrings are surely a must and will definitely make you look and feel great.

6. Hand fans – especially during the hot days of the summer, hand fans are perfect to keep you cool and I’m sure you already love them too

Surely not all of us look like super models do, but it really doesn’t matter. Look into the mirror and be sincere: there are parts of your body which you don’t like but there are also parts which you like, right? Maybe your smile, your hair, your eyes, anything you can find is perfect. Stick to that and draw the attention to those, while discretely hiding the others.
Don’t use too much make-up, but don’t quit on it either. With accessories is the same rule: try not to use too many of them at the same time, but don’t renounce at them completely. I’m not advising you to be dull, I’m just pointing out that a lot of accessories won’t be helpful to your look.

Don’t forget to update once in a while your accessories because what was fashionable 20 years ago might not be today and… have fun!

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