Where and how are you wearing your scarf

A scarf is an accessory, but not just any piece of clothing, is a very important and extremely versatile. A scarf well chosen and well used then you can change the image so much better.

If you are bored of how you wore before here 5 ways scarf brand new and special that you can wear:


Slightly retro, maybe some ladies, a little more chic for a band of scarf can get you out from the crowd. Tie scarf at neck and let one end hang front to one side and one on the back.


Turn scarf into a sexy summer top that leaves your back empty. Certainly men will enjoy it.


If you have a relaxed style nonconformist, put your scarf around your neck like a bandana wide and will be extremely trendy.

Double knot

For cold weather, double knot to tie scarf adds warmth, something terribly important. The scarf folded diagonally initial triangle shape, get two heads on the neck and then bind a knot front, leaving the ends free scarf.


Gate scarf as a tie and thus you will be noticed. Use a simple tie knot not complicated.

Personally, I think that whatever you wear scarf is not only very trendy, chic but also extremely practical. Additionally you can wear in any season. Yes you read right, whether summer or winter it can bear. Every woman should have in her wardrobe at least a few different scarves to wear them as accessories to a certain outfit.

Let’s talk a little about color. If above tells you how to wear a scarf, maybe it’s interesting to talk about her color.

Basically choose colors that get you out of anonymity. Blue, pink, red, you do not seem exaggerated to the contrary, the world is tired of black and tan. No need to buy a scarf in one color, choose models printed in multiple colors for variety.

When you go out, do not forget scarf for an elegant choose a silk scarf that you can wrap around your neck or put it on his shoulders. If you go out for a walk or choose a scarf in cotton and if you want to be very romantic wear warm colors. Office always choose small scarf silk, square on to wrap around the neck.

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