What type of pants should we wear this fall 2014-2015

If the warm season is a very comfortable one from all points of view, when fall comes we have more and more outfit aspects to be worried about.
Some specialists are saying that actually, this fall’s fashion is all about a key element: the pants.

womens slim pants 2014

The history of women pants

The history of this piece of outfit for women starts around 1910 but they are really accepted by the society in the 1960s. Charlotte Reid was the first woman politician who, in the 1969 appeared into the public wearing pants.
Here are some types of pants recommended for the fall of 2014-2015:

Printed pants

womens printed pants 2014

2014 ladies printed pants

women printed pants 2014

The advantage of the printed pants is that they pull you out of the crowd no matter how dull the rest of your outfit might be.

Pants with a very high waist line

very high waist line pants 2014-2015

high waist pants 2014

high waist pants for women
This trend launched a couple of seasons ago is still lasting very well and has got a great public success this year.

Large pants

large pants women

womens large pants

large pants for women

The major advantage of this type of pants is that they are very comfortable. They also flatter almost all women, no matter their silhouette. Plus, they are easy to match and can be worn on different occasions.
The pants represent an extremely useful piece of outfit and if we are creative we can make some extremely chic combinations.

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