Specialists are saying that this type of boots appeared in winter 2010-2011. Honestly I know they started to show – up way ahead but probably the boost is the year specialists indicated. Anyway whenever it appeared in street fashion ( I was telling you in some posts behind that for me fashion isn’t necessarily only the one indicated by Milan or New York cat-walks, but also the street one) were a big success.

over the knee boots for women 2015-2016

ladies over the knee boots 2015-2016

over the knee boot for ladies 2015

over the knee boots 2015

over the knee boots 2015-2016

You remember Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and her black boots, over the knee long? Then definitely know how all eyes returned. It’s no wonder, as over the knee boots, no matter how worn, give a very feminine outfit and more sex appeal.

Over the knee boots are practically a fashion challenge. You need a good sense of fashion and personal style heavily contoured to properly wear them without wearing seem excessive or inappropriate. Indeed, more and more women began to wear this kind of boots in various points, but not all manage to blend in nicely over the knee boots.

It’s natural to be so appreciated and loved by women all over the world since they are very catchy and sexy.

Obvious it’s extremely important how you match them with the rest of your outfit, what should you wear with them.

If you choose to wear over the knee boots then you must be careful where you wear them. So, you may decide to wear them in the following cases:

– parties

– special occasions

– shopping

– walks

– girls night out, bars …

Here are some reasons to wear a pair of over the knee boots:

– first of all because they look very hot. In my opinion if they have high heels they are one of the sexiest footwear for ladies

– second , they protect you a lot from cold since they cover must of your leg

– third, they are in trends and you will look very comfortable

– forth, if they don’t have high heels they are comfortable and easy to wear

I thought I should tell you my 7 basic rules from which I never deviate from, hopping they will help you too when you would like to wear over the knee boots:

1. Over the knee boots are in love with skinny jeans, you should do the same since the perfectly match. You will look super hot and plus it’s an easy combination to make.

2. This type of boot it’s complex by itself so it’s indicated you shouldn’t have the rest of your outfit too complex also, try to keep it simple because this boots have great effect and there’s no need for you to get complicated.

3. Black nylon is universal accepted therefore a combination between black nylon and over the knee boots never fails.

4. Good chosen long dresses CAN be worn with this type of boots, don.t be scared that you would put the boots into shadow, they will be sufficiently shown and you will have a bold look.

5. Avoid this kind of boots if you are short, they will make you more harm than good , trust me.

6. If you match a mini skirt with this boots, leave only little skin between them – less is more – you are much sexier with only 0.75 – 1 inches of skin left to be seen than more. Therefore you don’t risk to be vulgar.

7. A one color outfit doesn’t fail, believe me – if you want not to get complicated choose an outfit with pieces having the same color, you will be elegant and sexy.

Too sophisticated for some, for others vulgar, over the knee boots definitely enroll in class shoes that can not possibly go unnoticed. Over the knee boots back, it seems increasingly to the attention of designers and women everywhere.

Over the knee boots are a fashion item extremely elegant and provocative that any woman who respects and wants to be trendy must have in wardrobe. You have to remember that they should not look hard you are matched operate and indeed they can build a myriad of outfits.

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