What are mom jeans

A few years ago, when boyfriend jeans appeared, I felt like I had discovered America. Intoxicated by so much slim fit (which we have today), something light and comfortable had appeared !! And not only did it appear in stores, it was also in trend.
I remember that I took the path of the shops and with emotion in my soul I entered the first store to find my pair of boyfriend jeans, perfect for me. I tried and I kept trying and what to see… I didn’t buy anything then… why? Well, simply, either they were too short or they were too wide at the legs. The idea is this: no matter what is in trend, the clothes must fit well on your bodies. Having a triangle silhouette, with big hips, I can’t take something wide at the bottom and tight at the top because I look deformed. The proportions must be exactly the opposite. So, boyfriend jeans are not OK for me, although later (after about 2 years) I still found some, tight at the legs and not very wide, a.i. to be able to wear them and feel good in them.
I made this introduction because MOM fit jeans, which are in vogue this season, are somewhat younger brothers of boyfriend jeans. They are slightly broad-legged, light and comfortable, but unlike their brothers, they are tall.
In the 80’s these jeans were worn by middle-aged women, worn in light colors, as wide as possible and as high as possible, not being fashionable. In the next decade, however, with the advent of the hit series Beverly Hills 90210, they began to be worn by young women and to be in trend.

Mom fit jeans had a fall for many years, until, 2 years ago, they reappeared, shyly, in many colors and with a lot of applications, in the designers’ collections.

This season, MOM fit jeans are a MUST HAVE for those people who can wear them! I recommend this model of jeans to women who have V-shaped silhouettes or hourglasses. The other types of silhouettes can wear MOM fit jeans only after many tests, to harmonize their bodies with their help and fireworks, such as a jacket, longer and a pair of heeled shoes.

Mom fit jeans are slightly wide on the leg, light and comfortable and always have a high waist. Jeans called mom fit jeans or even mom jeans were in trend especially in the 80’s, but it seems that they have returned spectacularly lately. Mom fit jeans are distinguished by their wide cut, like Boyfriend jeans, but, unlike them, they have a high waist. They fit perfectly with short T-shirts and high-heeled shoes or a pair of oxford shoes.

What To Wear Mom Jeans With
What To Wear Mom Jeans With
What To Wear Mom Jeans With
What To Wear Mom Jeans With
What To Wear Mom Jeans With

Combinations – what to wear mom jeans with

A pair of mom fit jeans is perfect for skinny people, because they have the advantage of highlighting the shapes and the back. These models of jeans do not fit very well on a plump silhouette or with wide hips, favoring rather an hourglass silhouette or an athletic body.

If you have voluptuous shapes and you want to wear mom fit jeans models, it is good to opt for a pair of heeled shoes. You can choose, for example, a pair of suede ankle boots, which will thin your figure. Also, a pair of mom jeans will look great with a pair of stiletto shoes.

On the other hand, high-waisted jeans are very good for emphasizing the figure, but also for hiding a less worked and rather round abdomen. High-waisted jeans are wonderful and don’t look too good for the waist.

Mom fit jeans can be worn in a multitude of combinations, but it is very important to take into account your figure and what suits you.

Mom jeans are ideal in casual outfits. The number of variants in which you can include mom fit jeans is unlimited. It depends only on you, your creativity and the style of clothing you have. You can put a pair of mom jeans next to sneakers and short boots, without heels. Or you can combine them with simple blouses, without prints or with bustiers.

Another classic combination, ideal for a smart casual outfit is the jeans jacket. In this outfit you can vary the shoes, being suitable both a pair of shoes with heels, straight or stiletto, as well as a pair of sports or oxford shoes.

If we talk about outfits with jeans, it is good to know that this year too many combinations of jeans with precious materials, elegant blouses, or crystals and sequins are worn. Or, if we want to opt for simple jeans and blouses, we can use precious accessories, whether we are talking about a necklace with volume or several thin chains that lengthen the silhouette.

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