What to Wear if You are Tall

First of all, if you are tall and skinny you’re lucky, keep that in mind. Usually women with such a silhouette are greatly advantaged when we are talking about clothes and outfit combos. With small exceptions of course, they can wear almost everything they want.

Skinny jeans will flatter you and will look great on you if you are tall.
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Don’t forget to wear a belt, it is very important because it will emphasize your silhouette by creating the illusion of an hourglass silhouette.
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Over the knee boots are another exceptional option that is very suited for tall women.
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Maxi dresses are another excellent option, that’s for sure. They will give you a chic look but also a very romantic one.
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If you are tall, as I have already said earlier, you should not be upset because of that, on the opposite I might say, you should feel lucky. And because you are passionate about fashion and strict with what you are wearing, try to highlight what you like best about your body and to hide the ones that you wish they would be different using different types of outfits of course.
It is important to like yourself as you are and to be satisfied with your body. If you can achieve that, everyone else will think the same way. If you feel good with your body, this feeling will be forwarded to everybody around you. Important is to be trendy and to always try to improve yourself as much as you can, to be always searching for the perfect look and attitude.
Trust yourself and don’t hide your height or length of your legs because there are a lot of short girls out there that would wish they would be as tall as you are.

Still, you should try as much as possible to avoid:
– Very high heels
– Capri pants
– Frills
– Vertical stripes

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