What should we wear this winter?

Winter has come , more or less waited depending on preferences and with her the need to dress accordingly.

Personally I recommend to follow your intuition and to read some articles on this matter to make a right picture on winter trends.

High heel boots never get old, plus you will look always sexy if you will match them right with the rest of your outfit.

Boots with platforms can be an option specially because they are more comfortable and are still in trends so you will look chic.

If you want a more comfortable footwear then a boot with very small heel or without heel can be a good choice specially if you are romantic and love to go out for long walk with your special man.

Snow boots, the famous UGG are still in trends , like forever and ever isn’t it? I’ve tried to come up with an explication , but so far I’m not very sure I’ve succeded. But , as long as Michael Kors and Giorgio Armani keep including them year after year in their collections we have to take them into consideration.
As for the footwear colors for this winter most certainly black and brown are the basics, but there are some trends for white or grey, anyway for some lighter colors.

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