The sun is up on a perfect blue sky, it’s warm and the wind is barely blowing. It slowly moves the leafs and grass. The trees have such a beautiful green color and within the grass you can see a lot of flowers: pink, blue, orange , red… While you are charmed by all the fresh air and perfumes , you can hear the birds singing an see the delicate butterflies dancing in the air. The set is perfect for a picnic and after you’ll decide with whom you’ll go and what you will eat there, you will soon ask yourself: “OK, what should I wear? “, yes, the very big question is what can a girl wear for picnics.

Of course, you will need a comfortable outfit, so leave the fancy dresses, suits, and high heels shoes for office times! Now you have to relax and enjoy the nature! Some of you might think about an easy dress but my advice is to avoid dresses, and skirts, at a picnic. Do you really want to stay alert if the wind is blowing too fast, if your legs are shown too much when you sit down? I believe you shouldn’t have that worries now if you can just wear something more comfortable like a pair of short pants and a T-shirt. I don’t recommend blue-jeans either , you may want to play something like volleyball or pick-up flowers and you’ll be annoyed by them.

Another aspect you’ll have to have in mind is to choose your clothes so you won’t be ridiculous with some pants with a very low waist which will show your behind while sitting on the blanket or with a very deep cleavage which will show everything around there while you bend over to take an apple. To avoid this situation just try your outfit before you’ll walk out of the door by sitting down and bending, simulating the moves you might do at the picnic. Don’t worry if you think it’s silly it is not.In my opinion best outfit for a picnic is the sport one. It is very comfortable and that is very important.

You may want to choose darker colors in case you get dirty while you are sitting on the ground , playing in the grass, eating…I don’t know, you will get more opportunities to get dirty at a picnic than a simple walk in the park that is for sure.If I say dark colors do not think immediately at black or brown , you may choose green, dark blue, or cherry.

Remember also that into the woods it is cooler and you need long pants and a long sleeved blouse. Wear under the blouse a nice T shirt and if you feel too warm you could loose wearing it. It is better to have and don’t need them to catch a cold.

Picnics go perfect with funny T-shirts! No matter if choose some with catchy phrases or with funny pictures , now it’s the time to explore your imagination and originality.

Don’t forget about the sport shoes which have to match with the rest of your outfit and make sure it’s not the first time you’re wearing them so you won’t have surprises and injuries for your feet.

All you need left is a pair of glasses to protect your eyes and a hat to protect you from the sun. A sun hat is mandatory because it will protect you from having a sunstroke. The sun lights may harm you even through thin clouds or leafs.

You may choose a straw hat which can be more pretty if you attach a ribbon or some flowers to it, or you could find a cap more appropriate. Either way, don’t forget about wearing something on your head.

As for jewellery … what can I say?… I believe some discreet earrings and a bracelet won’t hurt, but be aware that you are dressed sport and not many jewels will fit into the picture. As I used to say: “less is more”! Do the same about make-up, you won’t need more than a lipstick and a mascara, after all, you are going into the middle of nature , you should look natural, don’t you think?

Also, don’t use to much a heavy perfume, it won’t suit your outfit or your destination. Something fresh and discreet will do wonders.

If the picnic it’s organized by the company you are working to, then things are more delicate. Since a corporate picnic requires to go there with work colleagues and most important , your supervisors , people you’ve seen until now only dressed with suits and with documents in their hand, things will look strange at first! Of course you will have to dress even more decent that you intended to do at first and forget about the “Hello Kitty t-shirt”  or tight shorts. Don’t be fooled that this picnic it’s out of work time and you could dress as colored as you like.

If you want to look professional (in your free time of course), serious and reliable you must dress carefully without anything transparent , or tight or indecent in a way or another.

Well , now you’re all set to go! Have fun!

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