What shoes to wear in summer 2014

Summer is definitely most desirable and beautiful season. However, it involves a number of things to keep in mind when we dress or when we shod. And because today we are talking about shoes, there are some aspects that keep in mind when you choose shoes for summer.

With the high temperatures, your foot remains as vulnerable as you can suffer from the cold winter. Well, in the summer, the risk of injury, disease or irritation is higher than the rest of the year. Sandals provide extra leg support and that is why is an ideal choice during the hot months – skin properly vent and foot and ankle are much better supported.
It is extremely important to buy shoes as that suits you and to be as comfortable. Examine carefully toe shoes and make sure that the front of the shoe is wide enough and comfortable, so your fingers will not be crushed or crowded. Lightness must be the key word for shoes in summer – skin should not be “encased” and it is important to “breathe” freely.

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