What shoes to wear at first date?

The first date is an important event because not only the man but also the woman is carefully analyzing the person they date.


First of all it depends a lot where the date takes place. According to this you will decide what to wear and what shoes you’ll need.
So, if you are going to a walk in the park, try a pair of casual shoes. The last thing you want is the shoes to be uncomfortable and hurt your feet.

casual shoes for ladies

If you are going to the theater or at the opera house then you will definitely have an elegant outfit so it is mandatory that your shoes has to be elegant too.

very elegant shoe women

If you are a clubbing woman and your partner is the same, then you’ll go clubbing a lot so put on a hot dress and match a pair of high heels with that.

high heel ladies

In conclusion, be very careful where you will go at your first date and according to this you will be able to choose your shoes.

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