In the first three months you will be able to wear your normal hat, although you may need to leave a button open to your pants or skirts. But this can be hidden by wearing some blouses that cover your waist.

Every pregnant woman is beautiful, shines, astonished, enchanted and charmed. However, we must admit that not every pregnant woman knows how to dress her pregnant well so that she does not end up: either to hide under the broadest and fade clothes, or to wear tight and whimsical clothes. Sometimes, without realizing, we make not just inspired clothing choices, which do not fit at all with the idea of ​​femininity associated with pregnancy, putting comfort first. Avoid mistakes in dress, and learn how to combine comfort with femininity.

Horizontal stripes are on the silhouette, and if you choose to wear them in pregnancy, especially when your belly is big enough, you will only exaggerate the normal appearance of the pregnancy. Avoid them, and if you want to wear the print, rather choose small, delicate and small prints, such as a discrete print, bully or floral prints.

In pregnancy, you are confronted with a delightful body change: breasts increase their volume. But, precisely because that happens, they become heavier and more voluptuous. First of all, you have to wear your bra. Really! Even if you have smaller breasts, they need support, the change is quick and huge, and your skin can stretch and the dreaded stretch marks appear. They give up very deep blunts, they are disgraceful. If you want to uncover pieces of your beautiful pregnant skin, you better look at your shoulders and / or legs.

An unpleasant part of the pregnancy is fat deposition in the most uncomfortable places, but especially in the shoulder area, and if you wear the straps and a tight bra, the effect is disastrous: in the substrate area, every gram of fat is unsteady. The solution is to choose sleeveless outfits to cover the problem area, not very short, but.

You can add the following vestigial items to your pregnancy wardrobe:
-wide sweets that will keep you warm on cool evenings and they’ll be good on your tummy
-Pants with a very low waist to come under your belly or elastic material. If you get them black they will go with anything and any season

– Short cotton shorts
– There are special intimate lingerie for pregnant women, although majopity prefers to wear what they usually wear, but with one or two larger measures. The bra is still important and you should buy at least one specially for pregnant women.
– Very low waist will come well in any month of pregnancy, so if you already have no need to buy others.

Most of the gowns you had before can not be worn, first of all because they do not fit, and secondly, if they are wider, they will rise on their bellies and become too short. In this case, combine them with a pair of jeans.

Pregnant clothing. Simply saying these words can make any fashion loving to shake. The truth is that pregnancy is not the easiest time for a fashionista. You do not have to confront only the changes that take place in your body, but also those in your wardrobe.

Pretty skinny jeans, crop chips and blazers adjusted on the body. From now on just sweaters, tights and babydoll dresses. But things do not have to be that way. Instead of dropping your personal style for about 9 months, it’s good to know there are many very stylish styling alternatives even for pregnant women.

If you’re in a stylistic blockage and do not feel inspired by the shapes of your body, take a look at the next street style photos. Many fashion publishers, bloggers and stylists have also gone through the task at some point and have shown us that a child is not an excuse to stop dressing as you used to. On the contrary. Keeping your look steady, can be a precious anchor for you in the coming months, with all the hormonal changes, and the lifestyle changes that take place.

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