Winter is a season more special … have to give up shirts and loose clothing and  to focus on the warm clothes to protect us from the cold. But what perfume is best for winter? The real question is what kind of scents will play best seasonal flavors and moods. Summer, as explained here always claim to bring light fragrance memories of warm days on the beach enjoying the sun and water. Perfumes are usually fruit or combinations reminiscent of spring and summer flowers.

Winter perfumes, on the other hand, tend to be a bit stronger and evoke images of autumn cold and harsh winter days. Instead you remember when you were lying on the beach, you think of a long walk through fallen leaves or wrapped up in a warm coat.

In winter, most people wear clothes more and more difficult. Unlike spring and summer, not so much skin exposed. Winter wear perfumes should be able to overcome his clothes, and that’s one reason why perfumes tend to be a bit stronger. The scent of musk is a great example of a strong smell more appropriate for winter than for summer.

Winter perfumes are scents that smells reflect holidays and also cold days of winter. For example, fragrances may have a flavor reminiscent of wood or holiday desserts made with vanilla beans. Winter perfumes are usually worn low so the smell is not overpowering. A winter perfume scent should be a subtle scent that makes the wearer to think of sexy warmth.

Try not to look when choosing your winter scent to be a bit harder, a season in principle as a general rule, avoid all fresh fragrance.

Maybe you did not stand summer persistent odor and “warm” cinnamon, but around the holidays, a perfume that you labeled as “hard” and “too much” is a solution at all surprising and disturbing.

Every fragrance has top notes (top), middle notes (heart) and base notes (the Fund). Winter peak flavor almost does not matter, evaporate the fastest and is the first “impression” of a perfume.

Then comes the middle note, which is the combination of flavors and fragrances smell of your skin. Although it takes some time, no middle notes are the main criteria in choosing a winter perfume. Be so careful on the base notes!

And something else very important – Eau de Toilette is a handy and cheaper choice, but in winter it is better to rely on water perfume – the smell is preserved longer and concentrated composition will prevent you from eating it too quickly.

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