Jeans – essential piece

Absolutely essential piece of any self-respecting wardrobe, it has been dressing our legs in its denim fabric since the dawn of time (or almost). And as fashion is an eternal restart, each season jeans trends are renewed and we see all the cuts: ripped, straight, flare, culottes. In both summer and winter, denim is a wardrobe staple. Regardless of its style, its morphology, its favorite colors, its versatility is its main advantage. Jeans do not need any more introduction. It is clear that in 2021 we are the strength of our wardrobes and designers give us the freedom to customize them as we like!
I can not say that fashion models in 2021 are very different from those of last year or two years ago. They are just reinterpreted by designers or fashionistas. In fact, designers are inspired by street fashion when it comes to jeans and not vice versa.

Jeans trend 2021: what color to adopt?

If the raw jeans are less and less in the small papers of the trend, we note a real boom on the side of white jeans. Not always easy to wear since very messy, it nevertheless goes perfectly with the trend of pastel colors which is in full swing at this time or that of tie & dye T-shirts. For classic lovers, black jeans are a must. However, we will wear it less washed out than what we have seen in recent seasons.


Wide leg
What Jeans Are In Style 2020

Extremely wide jeans are usually suitable for long-sleeved silhouettes, but with platforms, this model will look spectacular on the minions as well. The most important thing is to wear less bulky pieces at the top. The flared or super flared cut dates back to the 70’s. Now it has returned in the form of jeans cut wide from the hips, becoming even wider towards the ankle or leg. An advantage that we cannot overlook is that flared jeans create a visual elongation effect, especially if you choose the high-waisted ones to wear with heeled ankle boots or platform and heeled sandals.

Cropped jeans
What Jeans Are In Style 2020

These three-quarter jeans go wonderfully with the boots because there’s no need to put them inside. So enjoy a neat look. You can add a sexy strap to this outfit, but also a stylish necklace.

Baggy jeans
What Jeans Are In Style 2020

Absolutely stunning denim for women.  For example, wearing baggy jeans, beaded or topped. This combination gives you some more attitude, especially if you choose to match a jacket as well.

Boyfriend Jeans

They have a relaxed look, fall lightly on the thighs, hips, like men’s jeans. Easy to wear because of the material from which they are made. Besides being large, it also has the advantage of having a soft texture that creates a pleasant sensation throughout the wear.

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