What Jeans Are In Style 2020

Jeans do not need any more introduction. It is clear that in 2020 we are the strength of our wardrobes and designers give us the freedom to customize them as we like!
I can not say that fashion models in 2020 are very different from those of last year or two years ago. They are just reinterpreted by designers or fashionistas. In fact, designers are inspired by street fashion when it comes to jeans and not vice versa.

jeans 2020

If you feel like they are too classy, do your courage and relive them! Take a scissors and cut them as you please! Our recommendation is to match this model of jeans with a pair of moccasins and an oversized white shirt that we advise you to wear inside your trousers.

Wide leg
wide leg jeans 2020

Extremely wide jeans are usually suitable for long-sleeved silhouettes, but with platforms, this model will look spectacular on the minions as well. The most important thing is to wear less bulky pieces at the top.

Cropped jeans
cropped jeans 2020

These three-quarter jeans go wonderfully with the boots because there’s no need to put them inside. So enjoy a neat look. You can add a sexy strap to this outfit, but also a stylish necklace.

Baggy jeans
baggy jeans 2020

These trousers of the 1990s come back in 2019, but with new elements. For example, wearing baggy jeans, beaded or topped. This combination gives you some more attitude, especially if you choose to match a jacket as well.