What fashion style should we adopt in winter?

The cold season requires much more care when it comes to dressing. Basically it’s about how to dress in order to protect us from cold and being elegant at the same time.
I know a lot of ladies who, for the sake of the fashion sacrifice their health by dressing inappropriate for the extremely cold temperatures there are outside. Obvious, it isn’t a healthy attitude and one of our major concerns during the winter it’s to protect us from cold.
Of course, on the other hand, as I’ve said it before, the cold season doesn’t have to be an obstacle in trying to still be within the fashion trends.
Another aspect which I’d like to stress out it’s the fact that during the cold season our dressing fashion style should be a comfortable one. This is a very important aspect during the winter because now it’s not a proper moment to wear uncomfortable clothes.
In conclusion, the fashion style we adopt in winter should represent us and make us feel good.

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