What fabrics are in trends for 2012-2013

The new season brings a lot of fancy fabrics. A lot of them are still fashionable, keeping their trends as they were in previous years. Therefore do not worry , your so beloved clothes might be still in trends.

a. Varnished fabrics (clothes) – you will laugh but yes, they are still fashionable , they go very well with skirts and dresses.

b. Leather – has a major come-back after 2-3 years of ignorance. And check this out , not only used and classic jackets but also on pants, skirts and dresses. Most of these outfits come out slightly nonconformist but if you use simple cuts then you will have some very “wearable” clothes.

c. Brocade – it’s a new-entry in big shows even though it’s considered a fabric specific for luxury clothes. Anyway we are looking forward how it will evolve in time. Certain is that Dolce&Gabbana , Marni, Stella Mc Cartney and Salvatore Ferragamo seem very attached by this fabric.

d. Well, last but not least a top quality fabric – velvet – mostly used for luxury , but not only creations. For 2012-2013 great designers like Gucci, Kenzo, Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith seems to decided to go for suits with pants made from velvet. So far they’ve used dark colors (black , brown), excepting Kenzo who “dared” to use brighter colors.

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