Rain does not hesitate to ruin our plans clothes so we decided to give you some ideas about how to dress it rains without completely renew your wardrobe.
For rainy days you can always get them by surprise, we give you some useful tips that you can follow. Check the weather in the coming days and be ready for any surprises … from weather.

– It is a must to have with you a nice umbrella that will protect you from rain. Search for something more colorful model that cheer you on.

2015 umbrella

– Be careful not to use suede shoes or UGG boot which, in contact with water, can damage skin or you can color. Do not wear boots or rain boots short ankle with laces. Choose a pair of shoes with soles as thick as not to get water and not get wet feet.

rain boot 2015-2016

– Take with you raincoat. We recommend that you have one or plastics, or one of a thin waterproof material.

2015-2016 raincoat for women

– In these gloomy days, if you go to the hairdresser, think to yourself to have a hooded jacket so you will not risk ruining your fresh loops arranged.

2015 - 2016 hooded jacket

– Wear a trench coat it is extremely practical and versatile in many outfit combinations.

womens trench coat 2015-2016

Most important is not to “match it” the ugly weather outside. Be bold and wear something very colorful and cheerful. Sometimes those kind of weather positively influence and inspire you to make the best choices. In addition, it is a time when you can demonstrate that you can adapt to the situation and can be creative despite of the rain, not just in the heat of summer or in the club with your best friends.

Bad weather should not keep you in the house, but to be an inspiration to you in building a glamor outfit worthy of admiration.

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