What do you prefer – hat or cap?

The warm season comes with the sun, holiday, light, joy, but with some extra accessories for which we should look. In this season it is absolutely necessary to use something to protect us from the heat and sun, especially in the head area that is directly exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

Ladies, most readily available solutions are a cap or a hat. About hats we have been talked in the past but today I intend to do a little review on this choice.

I do not know if you know, but in the old days, women do not leave the house without their adornment accessory capillary. Current fashion do not require such agreements, but nowadays a cap or hat is worn for other reasons. And here I think the reasons of fashion and health protection.

The decision will leave you to take it but let me give you some ideas in this regard:

If you think at hat:
– – Clearly is more elegant, watch what a match it
– You wear a hat, it becomes the most important element of your style, even if only temporarily, thus turning it into an advantage
– You can use only occasionally
– Is mainly suitable to office outfits, but not necessarily

If you think at cap:
– Is an accessory more comfortable, easier to maintain
– It gives you no headaches, it is easy to match
– Obviously lends itself to more casual
– There are many designs and colors

Finally, counts how you feel better. The important thing, I think that will characterize and represent you better. General trends say that if you’re more romantic, classic (not necessarily conservative) can go on the hat, if you’re crazier contrary more boyish then you go on cap. But these are general and only you know best what suits you and especially what makes you feel best.

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