What do we wear this spring?

I believe that only a few people are not happy about spring coming. Once she is here, we have to do  a little review of our closet.

So, let’s analyze on what should we focus more? If you want to have in mind also this season trends, let’s make a short resume. Therefore, 2013 spring it’s full of floral prints and black and white contrast.

Not only that spring brings us a good mood, it’s worm and we get rid of snow, ice and heavy clothes, another advantage is that we can make very interesting outfit combination now. First step it’s to empty your closet from heavy clothes, take them and deposit somewhere in the attic or in the basement and forget about them until next winter. Second, let’s enumerate a little the clothing pieces we will be counting on this spring:

1. Cardigans – Yes, I found it impossible to start thinking about your spring outfit other way. It’s practically indispensable for you this spring.


2. Spring dresses – There are so many models and combinations that your choice is really easy. Actually, the spring itself is announced by a sexy dress, delicate and lovely colored. We spoke earlier about the floral pattern. A dress with floral pattern will be always in fashion.


3. Jackets – No matter if you use them at work or on your free time, jackets are always your best friends.

These three elements if combined right and with good taste you can obtain a trendy spring outfit.


I personally recommend the following simple but efficient combinations:

– jacket plus shirt and pants (elegant style , or if you prefer to be chic, go for a pair of flared blue jeans)

-high heels with a blouse and a bright colored jacket

– a dress with bright colors plus a trench

– a black and white dress plus some blue shoes will be outstanding

Any combination you will make take great care that, along being in trends you have to fell comfortable as well because if you are able to pull this up, then a large part of a successful day is done.

Since not only your clothes alone make up your outfit, let’s talk a little about shoes and the rest of your accessories.

Black and white combinations and floral pattern are in trends , also speaking about shoes, but if you have them on your clothes, give them up on your shoes and wear some neutral or pastel colors. Remember the golden rule: if you choose very colorful clothes calm down with some neutral accessories, but if you have sober clothes, cheer them up with some playful accessories. Don’t do that and you’ll end up being either a Christmas Tree yourself or a 80’s old grandma…

This spring it’s all about bright colors, youth, freshness free spirit and lots of imagination, so be creative and welcome the sun and the flowers with a bug smile and lovely outfits.


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