What criteria to follow when I want to buy a watch

The watch is no doubt a very important and useful accessory nowadays.
Maybe the most important thing to have in mind before buying one is where you will wear it. Depending on this you’ll decide if you’ll buy a:

Elegant watch
Seiko Women’s SUJA78 Watch
womens elegant watch 2014-2015

Casual watch
Casio Women’s LQ139A-1B3 Black Classic Analog Casual Watch
casual watch for women

Sport watch
Timex – 1440 Sports Watch, Mid-Sized, Purple
sport watch for ladies 2014-2015

Here are the most important 3 criteria which I follow when I want to buy a watch:
1. functions – depending on what you want most from it, the watch can have: radio, compass, it can be waterproof for example and so on
2. shape – the shape of the watch is very important because you have to match it with your outfit. It also depends on your silhouette and arm shape.
3. color – this is very important too because it depends on where you’re going to wear it and your outfit of course

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