What are your criteria when choosing a suit for your husband?

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when buying a suit for your partner. First of all, it’s the fabric of the suit.

Suits can be made of:
– Wool
– Polyester
– Linen
– A mixture of the above
Wool is appropriate for the cold times because it keeps him warm and is characteristic to durable suits.
Polyester is a synthetic fabric, light and has the main advantage to resist a lot to ruffle so it’s working for you ladies, less ironing (that if you don’t take the suit to the cleaning and get it over with).
Linen is a summer fabric, very light and ideal for a casual outfit.
Another important aspect is your husband’s body shape. Well yes, if he is a slim and very tall person, then a suit with 2 rows of buttons will be the best option. If he is a shorter person, then a vertical stripe suit will be absolutely perfect, especially if he is a little chubby too.
No matter what your choice will be, I’m sure he will be very happy receiving a new quality suit, even if the reasons why he wears suits are actually making him to be so joyful.

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