If you are a waitress then one of your job characteristics will be standing a lot. As I was saying in a previous article, the health of your feet depends on the quality of your shoes.
Indeed, a pair of shoes with the proper qualities can be very helpful if you are a waitress. This job, not only that requires many hours of standing, it also requires carrying very heavy things (bottles and trays). Therefore, basically, you will need great arch support from your shoes.
Another issue, and an important one if you would ask me, is to take into consideration not to slip onto water or oil that might fall on the floor. So, be careful what sole you choose for your shoes too.
My advice is to focus on casual shoes of course but also take into consideration gel based sneakers.

Gel based sneakers

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Casual shoes

comfy shoes

waitress comfy shoes

comfortable shoes for waitress

shoes for waitress

In conclusion, comfort is the key element which you have to keep in mind when searching for the best waitress comfortable shoes.

comfortable shoes


shoes comfy

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