How men should dress for a picnic

Some time ago I was offering you a few tips about how a woman should dress at a picnic, but today it is men’s turn. And yes, just as you’ve imagined, it’s a lot easier than with ladies.
For the gentlemen the key word is comfort. Important is to feel very comfortable because if you are going to a picnic that’s for relaxation and having a good time. In this aspect it’s very important to choose a sport outfit or at most a casual one. From these two types of style there are a lot of variations with which we can play.
A simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans are a very handy solution.

A hood and a pair of sneakers will perfectly complete a casual outfit and you’ll be ready for a picnic.
Another question you have to have in mind it’s with whom you are going to the picnic? Because if you go with your wife and friends it’s one thing, but if you go with your office colleagues it’s another. In the last case you have to adapt your style a little and be careful to don’t wear something that indicates unprofessionalism. For example, avoid T-shirts with sexual connotations since you don’t want your boss to see you with a T-shirt having an immoral message.
One over the other, you have to have, as I was saying at the beginning, a very comfortable outfit in which you will feel good but also to represent yourself.
The picnic is a nice moment where you go to eat and have a nice time so your outfit has to allow you to do that.

Did you know that?
The word picnic first appeared in English in a letter of the Lord Chesterfield in 1748 and was associated with card playing, drinking and conversation.

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