There is no doubt that women are more comfortable wearing sneakers at the office, at dinner or at shopping. Wedge sneakers can be an intimidating look to pull off, but just about anyone can do it with a little creativity. In principle, your bottoms and tops should create a snug, fitted appearance to balance out the bulk of the sneakers. Indeed, try to do that and it will be perfect. Of course do not forget about accessories.

Wedge sneakers are ideal for trying on this season. I like the functionality of these shoes, as they add some extra inches to your height. Another great thing is the comfort, which makes them so must have. These shoes are made for walking, so use it in that way.

When you are going to wear wedge sneakers try to keep in mind the following:

– Try to keep it simple. Indeed simple is better especially when you wear wedge sneakers. While it is generally a good idea to add decoration to the top half of your body to balance out the appearance of wedge sneakers, you should not get carried away. Wear one or two of pieces at once, but do not wear them all at the same time.

– Leggings are a very good idea. They can make the leg line look slimmer, which helps to balance out the large shoes on your feet.

– Be careful with accessories, they are great but try not to exaggerate.

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No matter which is your personal style, a pair of wedge sneakers represent an important “asset” for your wardrobe.

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