A casual but also very chic outfit can be achieved if you start building it from a pair of ripped jeans.

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Ripped jeans are versatile and look amazing on various occasions. They look very chic with grunge outfits, casual and even with more sophisticated ones. Important is to be very inspired when you are creating the combos.
Here are some outfit combos ideas that include a pair of ripped jeans:
– With a tailored shirt. You should wear it with a tuxedo blazer for a very chic look or with a formal shirt. As for the last combo, it is actually an unique combo with a great effect to be able to match a distressed pair of jean with a formal shirt.
– With a pullover. This idea is excellent if you want to look casual and very relaxed at the same time. Indeed, you can protect yourself from cold and it is a very handy solution this type of combo.
– With a hoodie. A hoodie is a versatile sporty piece of clothing. If you love relaxed outfits and wish to feel extremely comfortable, you should definitely try a combo made of a pair of ripped jeans and a hoodie.
– With a checkered shirt. The checkered shirt is a very chic piece of outfit ad if you are creative enough, you can build some amazing outfits using it. The checkered shirt and ripped jeans combo is absolutely perfect.
– With a T-shirt. It might seem a simple outfit but many times, simple is better. Therefore, if you choose them right, you will have a very inspired combo.
Bear in mind that a pair of ripped jeans should fit you perfectly. This aspect is highly important. Whether you match them with classic pieces of outfit, office or extremely feminine, the ripped jeans look great and they are very comfortable at the same time.

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