The classic white shirt remains one of the basic garments, regardless of the season, in any wardrobe. Simple, classic and always ready to bring us to light, it will remain a versatile piece of clothing among thousands of trends. Choose to wear it to the office or on a weekend and radiate through the crowd!

This essential top has everything a modern woman needs: versatility, elegance, style and feminine appearance. You might say it’s simple, but you know, it’s stylish. In addition, it can be dressed in several ways. If you are interested in creating more looks with an elegant white t-shirt, then make sure you scroll down and see a bright street style look with this sexy white top.

The white shirt is the clothing symbol of men’s party outfits. At the same time, it is considered a benchmark of the most successful office outfits, both for women and men. Here are the main reasons why it is recommended to choose it!

🀍 The white shirt is elegant, chic and versatile, as it gives you the chance to wear it both at the office and when you want to get a smart casual outfit.

🀍 White is a color that marks the beginning of new beginnings, being ideal for all the moments when you aim to achieve great things at work. When you look flawless and feel great, trust yourself and you will succeed!

🀍 Outfits made of a simple white shirt may seem monotonous, but when you accessorize them correctly, they can become pieces of resistance in your wardrobe.

🀍 An elegant scarf, made of natural silk and precious jewelry, with pearls and other refined stones, will turn the simple white shirt into the item of clothing that best represents you.

🀍 When you don’t want to stand out, but you want to be neatly dressed, an office outfit with classic black pants and a white shirt is the ideal choice.

🀍 The white shirt never goes out of style! You can rely on its elegance, when you don’t know how to dress or when you want to be sure that you don’t go wrong with the office outfit you choose.

How to accessorize a simple white shirt – White shirts are like vegetables. They are simple and tasty, but you can discover a thousand valences if you add a sauce, spices, cook them, cook, boil, saute, season, etc.

It is enough to roll up their sleeves, to tie them, to stuff them in the trousers, to close them to the last button or, on the contrary, to open them steeply until almost indecent. But, for diversity, to feed our creativity, ingenuity, playful spirit we will use the white shirt as a white painter’s canvas.

With a massive statement necklace – It is the most common choice when wearing an outfit with a white shirt, even if it has next to a pair of jeans or a midi skirt made of taffeta, tennis shoes or stiletto. Here, too, the value of the outfit depends a lot on the quality of the shirt (it is good to be a good quality cotton / poplin, which will keep some of the rigidity of freshly ironed throughout the day) and on the aesthetic value of the jewelry.

With a scarf – To bring a splash of color in the sea of ​​white cotton, lay on your shoulders a silk scarf painted in vivid shades. Or, so that it doesn’t slip, tie it lightly with a tie knot in front or on one side. Then, out of the dozens of ways you can use / arrange a scarf, you will surely find some to practice with your white shirt.

With a strap – If the shirt is wider or longer and you’re tired of putting it in your pants, tying your legs, wearing it on the outside, as such, one solution is the strap. A thin, lacquered or snakeskin strap, with animal print, metallic elements or a beautiful buckle, can mark the waist over the white shirt. Surprisingly, it can also be an oriental-inspired belt or a scarf tightened like a string and tied over the shirt, at the waist, with a bow.

Ways to wear a white shirt

Casual style: you can choose to combine it with jeans of any kind (boyfriend, ripped, slim) and a pair of sandals or casual shoes. And if the weather is cooler, you can add a denim jacket.

Sporty style: white shirt next to a pair of simple black jeans and sneakers or sneakers. You can accessorize with a backpack, a hat or sunglasses. Of course you will not have a sports outfit from head to toe as if you were wearing a tracksuit. But, it will be a relaxing and chic outfit.

Elegant style: if you work at the office or your job requires an elegant outfit, then the white shirt is perfect. The combination with a pair of office pants or a skirt and some elegant shoes will be classy.

Ways to Wear a White Shirt 2022
Ways to Wear a White Shirt 2022
Ways to Wear a White Shirt 2022
Ways to Wear a White Shirt 2022
Ways to Wear a White Shirt 2022
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