Victorian Brooches 2016

First of all I love accessories, and among them brooches are fantastic. Oh, yes, for sure, and most important have a lot of practical benefits. A brooch is actually a decorative jewelry item designed to be attached to garments. It is usually made of metal, but not necessarily.
Victorian Period is ethnic inspired depending on the civilization: Egyptian, Japanese and Indian So, palmieri, lotus, scarabs, fans stylized dragons, exotic insects, are common in Oriental tastes. Towards the end of the Victorian period a period characterized by experts as “the period aesthetics” – jewelry is very “playful” and “funny”, almost completely abandoning the “dogmas” of the two fractions of the previous period. So pay attention to that kind of details. To make it attention buckle – can be classic needle and hook, can be like a wine barrel or with needle and a hook.

beautiful victorian brooches 2014-2015

victorian brooche

ladies voctorian brooches

Victorian brooches are highly prized and one original is hard to find and usually they are family bequeathed from one generation to another.

In general those kind of piece of jewellery are a delight to the eye. Victorian brooches can be worn very often, especially during the winter as we wear heavier and darker clothes.

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