The Velvet – Perfect This Season For Any Time Of The Day

We all know well that there are certain preconceptions that are passed from one word to another from generation to generation, regarding different subjects more or less important around us. With a view to them, let us pause a little in the world of fashion and its preconceptions that are ready to be dismantled. One of them is related to the voluptuous velvet, which enchants women for hundreds and hundreds of years and which is almost entirely associated with elegant evening events, where it can be displayed at its true value. The real truth, however, is that this precious and very silky touch fabric is suitable for other occasions, not just glam ones.

Velvet – material specific to the autumn-winter period?

In this season, the velvet – material specific to the autumn-winter period – emerges from its classic shell and becomes the piece that you can wear with maximum lightness and non-salience both at evening events, but also at day events. Specifically, you can wear it relaxed at any time, even if it always means work, theater, city, visits, wedding or New Year’s Eve, matching it with other precious items or from the opposite diameter register. And, if you don’t have velvet pieces in your wardrobe, now is the time to be braver and buy at least one such item made from this material. We aim to turn your attention to the following pieces:
The simplest and most successful choice is, without discussion, the velvet dress. This may be the length you want to wear at different times of the day, with the material having either the advantage of accentuating that part of the body you want displayed, or masking areas you don’t want to wear. emphasize. Keep in mind that a velvet maxi dress is almost always appropriate for an evening event, though. A classic velvet pantsuit with a suit-like waistcoat will be perfect for going to the office if you pair it with a cashmere sweater and soft leather booties. For an evening outfit, dare to wear both flared trousers or palazzo, as well as cigarette pants or with a relaxed waistband, to which you accessorize steamed silk blouses or lace tops or sequins, for maximum glam effect.What could be more elegant than a suit borrowed from the point of view of the male wardrobe, but feminine to the last fiber due to its material?

Top velvet – good choice?

In the situation that you are still in the period when you pat the ground, then a velvet top is the safest choice. It can be combined with casual pieces, such as jeans, or more elegant, such as maxi skirts of finer materials, creating different outfits.

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