Ever since the UGG mood began, fingers such as mushrooms after rain were normal. And there were a lot of mushrooms and companies who started to deliver on the original “UGGs” band. Some at higher prices, others at lower prices.

Why did UGGshoes become so loved by everyone? We have to admit that I’m not a pretty beautiful model (ugg … ugly – ugly -). Well, because they are very comfortable, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And you know why? Just because of the quality sheepskin they are made of.

Be careful about the texture of the material and you will immediately know what a real sheepskin and skin is!

The sizes of the UGG boots are slightly different from the normal ones, are slightly larger. So you may need a smaller number than the one you usually wear.

 Now all the stores and online stores sell UGG… and they are all original! Find out how you can recognize a pair of original UGG boots today!

If at other brands fake ones are easier to recognize (sometimes … because even Roberto Cavalli was put in front of two pair of shoes almost identical and did not know the poor to say which is created by him and who does not) , the UGG shoe is a little thicker. So I thought today to give you a little guide on how to recognize a pair of authentic UGGs.
 A pair of genuine Ugg Australia Classic boots have the logo on the back, next to the letters UGG and the symbol of a registered trademark – ®. This step is not one that provides you with a pair of original boots because we have seen fake icons containing this symbol.
Original Uggs have no other label than the one on the boot heel, not one at the top or any other place.

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