UGG 2020

UGG boots have grown enormously in popularity in recent years, no matter the season. After all, they are relatively inexpensive, good quality and affordable products that really protect your feet from moisture and cold.
It seems that the UGG boots were born in the ’70s, somewhere on the Australian coast, in the Bay of Byron, where surfers gathered for the most beautiful waves in the world. Between the sessions of “riding” waves they felt the need to warm their feet and cut some coarse boots of sheepskin, but warm, which absorbed the moisture and could be shoeed and off very quickly. From this moment until the world success has been a while.

In 1978 Brian Smith brought them to the beaches of California, named UGG, but it was not until the 1990s, when most celebrities used them during film breaks to rest their feet, that the UGG boots became famous. In 2000 Oprah is the one who declares excited that UGG boots are one of her favorite things. Currently UGG boots are a must-have in any wardrobe, especially as they have expanded their diversity in both color and detail.
They are comfortable, warm and easy to match. This is why UGG boots remain good for years. Because they are comfortable, modern, warm and practical, they have become some of the most popular casual boots dedicated to the cold periods of the year, and there are still valid options for this winter.

Matching UGGs

You can match the UGG boots in many variants, but we propose some variants with which you can approach the street clothes (casual and street style):

  • You can start with clothes with layers of clothing to build a casual outfit that you can perfectly match with a pair of UGG boots. Think about how easy these versatile outfits are (when choosing a complete overlap of different colors and different outfits) that can be dressed in various casual outfits.
  • Combine UGGs with most comfortable pieces of yours (jeans, T-shirts).
  • Choosing a color in order to be matched with most of the winter clothes in your wardrobe, including skinny jeans (especially dark shaded models).

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for wearing the famous Australian style boots:

–     Do not wear UGG boots with loaded makeup. A natural, fresh look perfectly suits the comfortable boots.
     UGG training pants are a combination that you should avoid … if you want a stylish look, not just a walk to the supermarket or a puppy ride.
 –    Wear UGG boots as short as possible with a pair of boyfriend jeans. Avoid putting your pants in your boots, you will see a more beautiful piece of hollow legs, or a colorful sock, with a nice pattern.
 –    Try the combination UGG boots – steamy wide dress (of any length), possibly with a fluffy oversized cardigan above.

UGG Women’s W PURL Strap Fashion Boot

These booties are really great looking. They are very tight/snug when first putting them on, but they loosen up and form to your feet nicely as you keep wearing them. Worth to mention they are also very comfy.

UGG Women’s W Bailey Bow Ii Fashion Boot

The uggs boots are very comfortable, and will definitely keep your feet warm in the winter. Such a beautiful color for winter boots.

Koolaburra by UGG Women’s Victoria Short Fashion Boot

They are warm and comfortable. Great boots! They are a great affordable option.

UGG Women’s Mini Bailey Bow II Winter Boot

UGG Women’s Mini Bailey Bow II is my most comfortable boot! And, every woman should so want a pair to be a part of her boot lineup!

UGG Women’s Classic Mini Ii Winter Boot

They are perfect. UGG’s are just amazing as always & yes these are genuine UGG’s. Anyway, these are a great color, stormy gray, they are a brownish gray so in some light they look more brown & in other light, they look more gray, which is nice and exactly what i was looking for. Ugg’s are always amazing quality, they last forever, and these are now water repellent, which is even better, not waterPROOF but water REPELLENT!

UGG Women’s Aika Ankle Boot

This shoe fits great and looks great, you should admit it. These boots feel as comfortable as athletic shoes! Great fit and unique especially as a look.

Koolaburra by UGG Women’s

They are comfortable, just as warm as the ones that cost 150.00+, and they are adorable!

UGG Women’s W Classic Short Spill Seam Fashion Boot

Very comfortable and good looking these UGGs are truly amazing, for sure you will love them.

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