A tuxedo jacket first appeared in fashion in the Victorian Era (1837-1901), as a less formal alternative to a suit and was worn at that time exclusively by men. Later, it became a must have piece at formal events which required black tie code. But fashion was more permissive in the 1900s clothing and accepted canons of this outfit and for situations in which the label was not mandatory, and lavish soirees with friends or whoever.
Versatile and very chic, the tuxedo blazer is a very handy solution if you want to dress comfortable and trendy at the same time.
A tuxedo blazer is usually blue or black (but it is not a strict rule) and it distinguishes itself from other blazer types with its lapel style. The tuxedo blazer lapel is made of a shiny fabric which is also used on its buttons.
Along the fact that it is very comfortable, the tuxedo blazer is also very versatile. You can wear it on many various occasions and, maybe even more important, it can be easily matched with other outfit elements. Whether you are going to the job, having a walk or going shopping, the tuxedo blazer is a very good choice.

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If you are not part of the women who once dressed in a suit masculine look better in the mirror and say they “Yet let me exchange a elegant dress,” then learn how to wear a tuxedo to be a sexy appearance.
To use the tuxedo as a weapon of seduction, you should know that this fall one of the sites look sexy outfits in which gates are only a tuxedo jacket. If you feel too extravagant, you can wear a jacket with shorts. You have to trust yourself to such a choice and accessorizing male jacket with a white shirt, a bow tie and oxford shoes glam clutch.
The tuxedo blazer is for sure a very good investment for any woman’s wardrobe, no matter her favorite style.

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