The skirt of tulle gained popularity in recent seasons, according to the most of the specialists. Black and white models occupy the first places in the top trends for spring-summer. Considering their versatile nature followed by those in neutral tones and pastel shades, they offer a dose of feminine and delicate touch to your outfits. It is not for nothing that it’s so appreciated as ballerinas grace. Indeed you consider that. Combine this with crop-items, tops, blouses and shirts with floral prints or solid colors. High heel shoes are must-have in this fashion landscape. Tulle skirts can be worn in feminine outfits, cocktail dresses, elegant and sport-chic outfits as well. So go get it girls and really enjoy it.
I said it is a versatile skirt that because is a translucent material, refined and very elegant and chic. Until recently, it was used to make wedding dresses, but it seems that some time has passed and the other side of women, and not just for special occasions. So it’s no surprise that power requires a material apparently so delicate. Certainly looks good on anyone. And tulle skirt is perfect for various other assorted blouses, creating a special occasion look.

You can wear it in various situations. For example in a formal one you can join a fine blouse silk, a white shirt starched, a top sequins outfit will be complete with heels or sandals, possibly a blazer of a fabric pretentious: taffeta, satin, brocade etc. Because the skirt is airy, we should take care that the top be closer to the body and stuffing almost molded top, shirt, blouse into the waistband of the skirt, to have marked waist.

You address even a relaxed casual style. Maybe a cocktail in the garden, a bachelorette party, a birthday occasions could be suitable to wear in a relaxed way a tutu. With dancers, with sneakers, shoe lace, with a shirt of jeans, a shirt sailor, a shirt rolled up, a sweater, a track jacket, is permitted and assigning a skirt of tulle with a jacket or leather jacket jeans.

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All in one is a great piece of clothes that can complete your wardrobe in an excellent way. Of course depends a lot of your inspiration in creating the proper combo.

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