Trendy scarves and matching ideas 2015

How well someone said – scarf is a perfect accessorize that completes your outfit. This leaves only the detail that is in your hand to make the right choice. More than an accessory, the scarf hides a story. More than just a story, its charm is in attitude in how you wear and show off to others.

History of the scarf

In the Roman Empire there from the beginning “sudarium”, a piece of cloth used by the Romans to delete neck and face. It has been used in antiquity to immobilization Romanian injured forearms. In the Middle Ages, scarf and has appeared as a carry bag that bagpipes, being used mostly by singers pilgrims XIII century.

In the mid-fifteenth century, the port began to be emblem scarf, especially for the rich, for both women and men. In the sixteenth century, when drama occurs crush Romeo and Juliet, the scarf becomes an object of exchange between lovers.

Subsequent considered an emblem of style to wear wrapped around the neck or on the belt, and then taken over by women. In seventeenth-century Croatian mercenaries have found useful. French scarf but marked place in history.

They called “cravats” after their name in Croatian “kravata”. Men’s tie color was a testament to their political affiliation.

With time, the scarf starts to become a hallmark for the military, noble houses, high positions in society and state. For example, since the XVth century Huguenot soldiers wore a white scarf to distinguish the Catholics, who had a red scarf. Also about this time, the House of Lorraine fly a green scarf, while in the next century, to the king of France, Henry IV nobles wore blue scarf. Over time, scarves have become a very popular accessory, Embracing the diversity of materials and prints. Napoleon Bonaparte founded scarf of honor, as a reward for mayors honorary French.

History scarf includes a tragic accident linked to the famous Irish-born American dancer Isadora Duncan. In 1927, while aboard a racing car – owned by an Italian engineer – his long fringe scarf were wrapped around the rear wheel, strangling her instantly.

You can use:

a. you style your hair in those days when it seems that he does not listen;

b. you cover the neck giving an air of mystery;

c. you can use as a belt;

d. or you can make up a more modern tie.

Silk Scarf


Print silk scarves have become famous because of large fashion houses have invested since the beginning but in the creation and execution of these gorgeous accessories. The products of Hermes scarves, Burberry, Missoni, Chanel, Etro, Alexander McQueen, Ferragamo, Pucci, Dior, Fendi, Prada and Louis Vuitton made history as accents are “must have” to finish his impeccable attire.

Plaid scarf

Plaid is wearing incredibly much this season so do not have to think twice if you want to choose such a scarf. One is in a range of colors with different prints and different lengths. You can wear it shopping, out with friends or even on your office attire, that if you do not work in a very conservative environment.

Uni scarf

If you prefer more elegant style, then uni scarf in a color with a little glitter hard and eventually you will become the best friend this fall. Wear it to a vest or a jacket and you can wear it to work without problems.

The way to wear your scarf is an effective method and refined to accentuate your personal style.

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