Trend alert for this fall: over the knee boots

Too sophisticated for some, for others vulgar, over the knee boots definitely enroll in class shoes that can not possibly go unnoticed. Ubiquitous in fashion of the 80′, which, moreover, are often associated, over the knee boots are back, it seems increasingly to the attention of designers.

Over the knee boots are a part of your wardrobe and you should not miss from your closet. This fall is no exception and promises … incendiary. I explained some time ago how to wear over the knee boots today resumed the subject and let’s talk a little about these wonderful pieces of your outfit.

If you have in the wardrobe a pair of boots that cover your knees, you’re in trend.

At least that designers say strangers and to lose not start, the stars have already taken overseas information. Madonna, Kate Moss, Rachel Weisz and Alice Dellal was already seen wearing these boots.

First diva who chose to wear over the knee boots was obviously Madonna. As we had used, she set the tone for all that is fashion and beyond. She could still be seen from wearing a pair of over the knee boots, created by Louis Vuitton. Another diva who raged wearing such accessories was Kate Moss, another public person whose style can inspire you anytime, if you want to stand out, wherever you are.

Tips for a successful look with over the knee boots:

– Over the knee boots can be worn with dresses longer transparent. You will avoid potential discomfort caused by fear feet do not look good with a very short dress. Transparency of dresses longer let her be just enough.

– Combination with skinny jeans or skinny pants. At the top are suitable mini dresses, long shirts or oversized sweaters.

– Wear over the knee boots with dresses or short skirts in a monochromatic combination, enhanced by a splash of color to an accessory such as a purse or scarf. Do not overdo it about the dress because if it is too short, you risk to get a vulgar effect. Avoid if possible baby-doll dresses type associated with over the knee boots.

– As I said in another article – did not match silhouette with petite constitution.

Note that over the knee boots can be worn with anything. It may seem bizarre, the few inches in addition to a normal boot image can create real problems.


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