Trench Coats for Women 2020

The trench is an extremely appreciated piece of outfit by women from all over the world. Extremely chic and versatile, it is perfect for any season.

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I was talking above about the great versatility of the trench coat. Well yes, this piece of outfit can be indeed, very versatile. You can pair it very easy with many various pieces of clothing and you can wear it on many moments of the day.

When you want to buy a trench, it is extremely important to find the right size. Yes it is true. Choose a model that has no shoulders or sleeves too high or too long, otherwise you’ll get somewhat neglected. If you wear a nice dress and you want to see it when you’re wearing a trench coat, tie strap at the back of the jacket.
When combine the trench with jeans and a sweater, tie it to the front with a loose knot and you will look extremely chic.
Be bold and try also bright colors or darker hues, like black or navy-blue. They look very nice.
Wearing little black dress under a long trench and you’ll get an instant sense of diva. Complete your outfit with a pair of high heels. You will surely look amazing.
If you are low height, the trench should be short, no more than the knee, because otherwise you’ll look even smaller.
If you have large bust, avoid trench sites with materials applied to the chest.
If it is a rainy day, the trench works great with a pair of skinny pants and high boots.

No matter you personal style, you definitely have to have into your wardrobe a trench coat. It is very chic, elegant and can make for sure an upgrade to your look, no matter where you will wear it.

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