Trench coat is a British piece of clothing air so should not miss from a fashionista’s closet.
It is a basic piece for this fall. Easy, comfortable, elegant and especially indispensable during the transition between seasons, it is the guarantor of a chic and urban allure.

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If you already have in your wardrobe a beige trench coat, knee-length, matching possibilities are endless, depending on the occasion and your mood mind.

Trench site is ideal for the transition between seasons and looks great worn with a series of different pieces.

Take a look at these ways to wear a trench, as seen on the streets. These are some tips that we offer to create an outfit using a trench.

First, before buying a trench, make sure you have the relevant clothing pieces that will fit wardrobe. If things are predominant sport in your wardrobe, a trench will not work for sure.

• A slit trench is recommended to be worn completely buttoned and fastened belt. However, if you decide to wear it unbuttoned remove the belt, otherwise they do not create a sloppy appearance.

• This piece of outerwear universal multi functional not only for itself but also in terms that can be worn with almost any piece of clothing. You can wear it not only with pants, overalls, skirts, dresses, also with shorts, but that does not mean not limited to their specific projects.

• While assigning a trench length skirts with a short or medium skirt must always be shorter than the coat itself in this way support the symmetry of your look

• Trousers, maxi dresses and skirts are not recommended to wear any trench. Trench short skirt maxi + is not a suitable combination, while long pants splay + trench sometimes combined will give you visual overweight. However, in some cases, it can generate a very idiosyncratic look by coupling a trench with a long evening dress, noting that the dress is monochromatic.

How to wear a trench:

– Try to wear unbuttoned over a colorful dress, lace or silk, but with knotted cord. Femininity dress will be highlighted by masculine details (epaulets, buttons, seams visible).

– You choose a color and a texture more unusual. It is true that the beige and khaki, neutral shades will match any other colors and prints. On the other hand, we have not tired of beige? Dark green or emerald, burgundy, gold, navy blue patent leather with sleeves, inserts of other materials …

– Use the classic line of the trench to put it in contrast with another piece or accessories more modern: a pair of sandals high gladiator, sneakers, dress asymmetrical trousers cropped, a flared skirt midi taffeta colored and so on.

– Wear it over skirts, tights, pants cigarette, maxi dresses lace jeans boyfriend, dresses, chemise, turtlenecks, cardigans or jackets, classic black dress, leather pants, over held office, weekend or cocktail . Basically, more than anything.

– Choose it in a fluid medium and thick material, so you can use the role to dress: ended up in the right neckline or spent with knotted cord well.

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