A little while ago we were talking about the reasons that would cause you to wear sunglasses more often, today we offer a top of the most interesting sunglasses.

Sunglasses help you protect yourself from the sun but also gives you a trendy look. It is important to mention that an accessory that you can define to be aware of several issues when buying a sunglasses – brand, durability and last but not least the price.

Chanel, Jaeger London, Emilio Pucci maintain this year, almost obsessive, mania for aviator sunglasses.

1. Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

2. Diesel Sunglasses

3. Kenneth Cole Aviator Sunglasses

4. Prada Sunglasses

5. Oakley Men’s GasCan Sunglasse

Summarizing trend in the summer of 2013 the sunglasses we offer the following options:

Military glasses
It is still very fashionable to wear aviator glasses! How does it look? In short thin metal frames and green lenses with reflective effect (mirror type).

From the round model Jackie O glasses form “cat’s eye” vintage style is all you need. There is however a small problem … Not everyone looks good with this style of glasses …

Classic never dies so if you want decent and not embarrass yourself by going to an important meeting with a pair of glasses thanks the club when this option.

My favorite creators and brands, I’d make a top 5 separate from models above:

1. Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is a magician, he is a creator and only malicious people can ignore it or perhaps those who do not understand him. Talent and inspiration manifest at full potential and  the full scope for sunglasses. Alexander McQueen stylish sunglasses share the same craftsmanship and attention to detail as the clothing range, and each pair is a work of art.

2. Christian Audigier

Expensive but very chic, yes, If You Want Something Special, THEN do not think twice, a pair of sunglasses from Christian Audigier will surely get you out from the crowd.

Christian Audigier 2016

3. D&G Dolce Gabbana

You’re young, you want to be in tune with fashion, then surely at least once in life you have to have a pair of these glasses. My self I so much like the design of these glasses. Yes, indeed, they are very special and if you ever think of best sunglasses for men D&G Dolce Gabbana  should be in discussion.

4. Anne Klein

Classic, yet stylish, trendy but decent, always surprising … you characterize this? If so … then a pair of sunglasses from Anne Klein you are match up your style. Personally I think that is absolutely unique in their own way and certainly you will have the satisfaction that not everyone has that are pretty rare.


I really like the Balenciaga sunglasses because they are outcasts and very amazing.

How to distinguish the original sunglasses from counterfeit

In order to distinguish the original sunglasses counterfeit I’ve made available a few tips:

a. Watch the glasses design, you can always find a detail that you clarify the origin of this you can see in the pictures.

b. Pay attention to finishes, there are no burrs, nicks, slightly distorted frames or lenses, chances are that such glasses to be counterfeit.

c. Examine carefully the logo designer. Any original glasses are imprinted company logo including side frames, see if the logo is well defined without imperfections.

d.Review the designer’s name is written. Are counterfeit sunglasses if, for example, they write Guci” instead of Gucci”.

e. The price of sunglasses is a criterion that can make the difference between the original and counterfeit glasses. Do not rejoice when you find bargains, because you have all the chances you get counterfeit sunglasses.

f.  Glasses produced by famous companies are not sold anywhere, in any case in boutiques located on street corners, but in specialized stores, where they are packed properly.

g.  Original sunglasses are distributed in packages labeled with the name and logo designer who launched.

It’s not easy to say which is most fashionable sunglasses for men, I would say it is even a mission impossible. There are many brands, there are many models and depends on very many issues when trying to do a ranking or to value a sunglasses. In fact I exposed above opinion and my impression is no claim that this assent and others. In fact, a sunglasses is an accessory, as I have said otherwise, and this accessory you wear it because it is necessary to protect your health and then because you can pick as your style.

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