Top 10 Accessories Every Lady Must Have 2015-2016

Definitely accessories are very important for a woman, aspect which I pointed out in detail in a previous article a while ago. Still, you probably wondered which of the available accessories  (and yes, there are many) would be the most suited for you. At this question I’m trying to answer in the present article.

It is true that the trends in fashion and accessories are changing with an amazing speed; nevertheless there are some must-have accessories which under any circumstance should not miss your wardrobe. So, here are our options:

10. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are very important, especially during the summer you must be inseparable from them. Their medical importance it’s obvious and along with that, they give you a chic allure.

9. Watches

The watch it’s not just an accessory to show you what time is it, but a jewel, an accessory which defines you.

8. Bags

Bags can became your favorite accessory, the truth is that you can’t go out without it not even for 5 minutes and that says it all.

7. Scarves

Scarves are clearly a major accessory for women (and even for men) and that’s why you should try to have more of them in your wardrobe. Scarves can always add up to your appearance as a whole, therefore, remember and keep one in your bag.

6. Statement necklace

Necklaces are a great way to complete any outfit so choose one that it is extremely versatile and shows your personality.

5. Diamond studs

2015 Diamond studs

Tiny and cute and moreover very versatile, they complete your wardrobe in many ways like only a pair of earrings can do.

4. Rings

rings 2015-2016

Yes, rings made by gold, silver, in many colors, no matter of your choice; they will definitely bring a big plus to your outfit.

3. Pearls

Enigmatic and full of surprises, if you can be characterized by those words, you clearly love pearls and you know that they are a perfect lady-like staple.

2. Belts


They can change a lot your outfit, they are very useful and versatile, but it depends only on you to make a right choice so the change that they will make to your outfit to be a positive one.

1. Cardigans

One of my favorite pieces of clothing, they are a subject of dispute: some are saying that they are actually a piece of clothing, not an accessory while others are saying the exact opposite. Anyway, no matter as they can be categorized, they are  perfect layering piece and when matched with other clothes and accessories, they deserve to be called the fashion accessory of the week.

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