Tips To Wear When You Are Tall

No matter how it is your body shape, keep in mind that it is more than important to feel very confident. So yes, be very confident, it is an important aspect, no matter your look or silhouette. If you are a tall women, there is more than OK, you just have to wear a few pieces which will helps you a lot. One excellent example is to wear a belt. So yes, wear a belt , for sure it will cut a little the impression that you are very tall.

belts 2017

Another important tip if you are tall, is to wear a maxi dress or a maxi skirt. Indeed, those two pieces are absolutely amazing, and they are truly nice methods to look more than OK, and also to help you look much shorter.

maxi dress 2017

2017 maxi skirt

Over the knee boots, represent another interesting tip to help look taller, moreover you will look very chic.

over the knee boots 2017

Because you are a tall and beautiful women, try to avoid wearing high heels. Indeed, forget that, and try not to focus on that. You are a gorgeous women, trust me, you do not need those.
If you love to wear on a daily basis vertical stripes, well, then try not to do that anymore. Bear in mind that it is better to avoid it they are not working on your advantage.
A pair of capri pants, well, forget about those also, they are not fine. Yes, true, do not keep it in your wardrobe anymore. They are not capable to help you at all. So if love this kind of pants , try to wear something else, maybe a pair of trousers. Or if you just want to feel very comfy you may try to wear jeans. In this way for sure it is impossible to go wrong.
You may try any kind of combination, important is that you should keep your self confidence.

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