Tips to Wear Flared Jean

Within the latest years it is obvious the comeback trend of the flared jeans.

flare jean 2015-2016

flare high waist jean

flare jeans

flared jean

bets flared jean

They are an important piece of clothing because they can be extremely easy to be matched with the rest of your outfit and you can wear them at any age or season.

Here are some tips that I advise you take into consideration:

– The proportions are the key towards success. For example, no matter the top you are wearing, its length should not exceed the waist line of your pants. If the top you are wearing is too long, it will ruin all proportions of your outfit. Belts are an excellent way to define your waist when you are wearing flared jean.
– The length of the flared jean should be well-thought. They shouldn’t be too long and cover totally your footwear. The vintage style is well represented by the flared jeans.
– Do not avoid wearing high heels. They are of great help because they will make you look taller and balance the proportions. They are recommended especially while you are wearing the flared jeans. You can wear high stilettos for a very chic and elegant look. Indeed, a high heel shoes is still recommended even if wear such kind of jeans…
– Must also to be a little careful to style combinations. Well, yes you could not combine modern tops for example with this kind of jean. you will not look very nice if you will do that.

A pair of flared jeans will bring to your look a very chic vintage touch but it depends a lot on how you match them with the rest of your outfit. In the case that you succeed to find the right combo, your look will be spectacular. It is best to be careful because in the case that you don’t find the right combo, you can look sloppy and I assume you would not want that.

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