Many women, although they have a nice silhouette, feel uncomfortable because they are not tall enough.

2015 dress

In this respect, here are some tips that will make you look a little taller:
– One single color outfits will help your silhouette look taller by creating an optical illusion of verticality.
– Avoid too wide belts on your waist because they don’t work into your benefit.
– Vertical stripes are perfect because they trick the viewer and make you look a little taller than you really are.
– Avoid as much as possible oversized bags, the smaller ones are more recommended if you want to look taller.
– Wear flared jeans because they are very comfortable, chic and you will surely look taller.
– Maxi skirts and dresses are also some excellent options.
– Wear very short skirts if you really want to, but avoid midi skirts as much as possible.
– Choose V shape cleavage to your tops because they create the impression of a longer torso.

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